Breaded Ravioli


¼ cup all purpose flour
2 large eggs
4 tsp milk
½ – 1 cup seasoned bread crumbs
12 Four Cheese Ravioli Blend or your choice frozen thawed
3 cups Canola oil or your choice for frying deep fry or pan grated Romano cheese
dash of red crushed pepper if you so choose your favorite marinara sauce

In 3 separate shallow bowls place:


Combined eggs- milk

Panko bread crumbs or use bread crumbs seasoned with garlic-salt –little Italian seasoning and a dash of red crushed peppers if you so choose.

Gently dip each ravioli in all three bowls in order. Flour-egg mixture- Panko or

Breadcrumbs – set on plate or layered wax paper set in freezer while getting oil ready.

Pour oil into deep pan or use deep fryer – When oil sizzles with a drop of water it is hot enough to start cooking. Do small batches of coated ravioli’s at a time – each time making sure oil is hot- this is so the ravioli’s are not so greasy or called flash fast fry.

Fry 2 minutes or golden brown each side or in deep fry till golden brown. Drain-Serve with Marinara sauce or Blue Cheese ranch Dressing.



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