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Sausage Italiano

1 lb. Italian sausage cut in 2 inch pieces1 lb. potatoes cut in small chunks4 to 6 frying peppers seeded and cut in chunks1 large onion cut in 8 wedges1/4 cup olive oilsalt and pepper Spread vegetables, oil and salt and pepper in a roasting pan. Roast at 400F stirring 2 or 3 times for

Hot Peppers and Eggs Sandwich

Make as much as you want – just bring the heartburn medicine! PEPPERS Long Italian Hot Peppers Couple tablespoons Olive Oil Salt to taste Rinse pepper and pat dry (water will spatter). Put olive oil in HOT frying pan. When oil is hot, CAREFULLY place peppers in pan. Fry until tender (with a little substance)

Hot Sauce for Chicken Wings

If you like hot sauce for chicken wings, try this. ½ cup Louisiana hot sauce1/3 cup melted butter1 Tbsp brown sugar1 tsp Worcestershire sauce12 easy shakes of kick ass sauce (they sell this) God BlessRay Montana

Italian Greens – Similar to Georgio’s

1 cup Yukon Gold potatoes cut in 1” cubes½ tsp dried parsley½ tsp each onion and garlic powder½ tsp paprika½ chopped Vidalia onion2 heads escarole½ cup olive oil½ tsp crushed red pepper8 oz chicken broth4 oz thinly sliced hard salami½ cup bread crumbs6 minced garlic cloves½ cup Romano cheeseFreshly grated parsley Potatoes: Toss in bag

Macaroni n Cheese Casserole Oven Toasted Italian

1 lb of Penne or Mostaccioli2 cups heavy cream2 cups whole milk½ cup sour cream2 eggs2 tsp all-purpose flour2 tsp Kosher salt1 tsp ground white pepper dash of garlic powder to taste. dash of cayenne or to your tastegrated ground nutmeg just a few quick grates.2 cups Fontina cheese, shredded, divided1 cup fresh mozzarella, shredded,