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Canning Sauce Mario

I will remember that smell of the canning until the day I die – it has been instilled in my mind. We boiled and peeled and canned tomatoes with fresh basil. I remember going to my cousin’s farm in Frankfort and he would give us small salt shakers to take in the fields to eat

Arrabbiata Sauce

Arrabbiata means angry and when applied to food, it means hot. Thus, if one wants salsa arrabbiata, all one needs to do is to add peperoncino–those small, red, and terribly hot Italian peppers–to whatever sauce one prefers and in the amount one can handle. Here’s a simple recipe: Sauté several cloves of minced garlic in

Raw Sauce AKA: Uncooked Tomato Sauce

This is a colorful, zesty, fast and easy sauce for pasta during the summer months. The ingredients are simply blended together and tossed in a bowl and allowed to sit while (30 – 45 minutes) till all the flavors meld together. If you make this sauce with anything but fresh (not hothouse), ripe, flavorful, un-waxed,

Italian Tomato Sauce / Gravy

“Italian sauce/gravy is a very personal creation, but there are always the same core ingredients. All I know is: it has to be RED. It has to have some kind of meat in it for flavor. And it cannot EVER come out of a jar from the store.” -John Cardamone Crushed Tomato BrandsI like DeCecco

Oliva Family’s Macaroni Sauce

This will make A LOT of sauce…but it freezes well. Divide the remaining sauce and meat into plastic containers and freeze. –Fat Sal 56 oz crushed tomato water (no more than 28 oz) 56 oz tomato puree olive oil 24 oz tomato paste 1 lb Italian sausage salt and pepper 1 lb pork “country ribs”