Hot Peppers and Eggs Sandwich


Make as much as you want – just bring the heartburn medicine! PEPPERS

Long Italian Hot Peppers Couple tablespoons Olive Oil Salt to taste

Rinse pepper and pat dry (water will spatter). Put olive oil in HOT frying pan. When oil is hot, CAREFULLY place peppers in pan. Fry until tender (with a little substance) – DO NOT OVERCOOK. Drain on paper towels. Sprinkle with a little salt.


Cut the fried hot peppers in bite-size pieces. Scramble eggs (add a little water, if needed – makes them fluffy but not tough). Add a little salt and some grated Italian cheese for flavor! Remove almost all of the oil from the pan (makes a great addition to pasta and pizza sauces). Heat oil in pan. Carefully pour the scrambled egg mixture in the pan.

Carefully lay the pepper pieces over the eggs and simmer a little (almost like an omelet). Scramble carefully or fold like an omelet.

Place the mixture between two, nice thick, slices of hard crusted Italian bread. ENJOY!

Tip: If you can’t find that Utica type hard-crusted, delicious bread, buy some pizza dough (or other frozen dough), let rise, kneed and form into loaves. Bake. The secret is to spray water in the oven a couple of times during the baking – this will make the bread crust nice and hard!



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