Italian Homemade Green Olives


Use Large canning Kettle.
1 box of olives, about 18 or 20 lbs

Crack or split olives with a mallet. Soak olives in water. Olives are to be covered with water. Add 1 cup of salt every time water is changed. Do this every day for 8 to 10 days until olives are cured. When cured, olives are ready to prepare.

Rinse out olives and drain. Place in large kettle or pan. Sprinkle salt, chopped garlic, oregano as needed and mix well. Fill jars with olives. Add water to fill jars. Add 1 tsp of salt to each jar. Seal with cover and let stand about 1 month before using. The longer they stay the better they taste!


Drain water from jar by hand and rinse olives. Fill jar again with water and drain. Place olives in a deep dish. Add oil and vinegar, salt if needed to taste.

Olives can be used in many ways. Alone or in an Antipasto, Pepper Salad or any Relish



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