Mushroom Stew Fiozzo

Mushroom stew is a staple at every Church Festival in Utica. I remember my grandmother giving me five dollars to go to the Blessed Sacrament Festival and buy some for her when I was a little girl. This is very close to the mushroom stew the serve at Joey’s on Mohawk Street in East Utica,

Mushroom Stew by Dorothy Cardamone

1 lb beef chuck, cut into 1″ cubes1 lb Italian sausage, cut up1 lb veal, cut into 1″ cubesBrown meats in a large pot. Once meat is browned, add:1 can (qt) plum tomatoes1 can (6oz) tomato paste2 cans Hunts tomato sauce1 lb mushrooms, cut up3 lb green peppers, cut into pieces but not chopped/diced4 small

Lentil Soup

1 bag of lentils; wash and drain put in pan and cover with water. I change the water at least twice. Add chopped onions, salt, and pepper. Bring to a boil than lower to simmer, add more water if needed, add a little oil and stir. Can be served plain or with rice or macaroni

Mushroom Stew (Wysocki’s)

“Following is the recipe for mushroom stew that was given to me by Wysocki’s restaurant on Columbia St. I cut it down as Stella Wysocki made a batch for an army.”   -carol m 2 large cans tomatoes (squish them) 4 large cans mushrooms (with juice)2 small cans tomato paste 2 cans of carrots (but I

Cannellini Chili

“I came up with this recipe because of my love of Utica’s Chicken Riggies.” -jerry Italian chili in the style of a Chicken Riggies sauce 2 can cannellini beans 1-3 cherry peppers (sliced)1 lb boneless chicken breast 1 cup grated Parmesan1 onion (wedged) half stick butterhalf cup flour half cup white wine1 can chicken broth


“Each region in Italy has its own variation of minestrone. This is the version fromCalabria, Italy where my parents were from”  -Eva Russo 3 pound of 7-bone roast or something similar, like the shin of beef, etc. salt4 quarts water4 medium carrots, pared and diced4 sprigs parsley-fresh is better, but dried is okay2 large celery

Italian Tomato Sauce / Gravy

“Italian sauce/gravy is a very personal creation, but there are always the same core ingredients. All I know is: it has to be RED. It has to have some kind of meat in it for flavor. And it cannot EVER come out of a jar from the store.” -John Cardamone Crushed Tomato BrandsI like DeCecco

New Orleans Sausage and Chicken Soup

“This soup is delicious and has just what it takes to warm you on a cold winter’s day – a little kick from the cayenne pepper. It’s a keeper in my book.”   -JoGiacovelli 1 Tbsp vegetable oil1 lb smoked sausage, such as andouille or kielbasa, cut into ¼ inch pieces (I use homemade kielbasa)2 medium

Oliva Family’s Macaroni Sauce

This will make A LOT of sauce…but it freezes well. Divide the remaining sauce and meat into plastic containers and freeze. –Fat Sal 56 oz crushed tomato water (no more than 28 oz) 56 oz tomato puree olive oil 24 oz tomato paste 1 lb Italian sausage salt and pepper 1 lb pork “country ribs”

Mushroom Stew

I make it in a crock pot, real easy. –JoeMezz Hunts Tomato Sauce or/and Crushed/Peeled Tomatoes diced up celeryfresh mushrooms (I use a couple different kinds)cut up pork (I use the thin stir fry cut)sweet peppers onionssaltpepper Place all that in the crock pot for a few hours. I found that if you serve it