Stuffed Grape Leaves


I have a great recipe for grape leaves – sorry there are no measurements but I hate confined cooking. So here it is.

Sauté onions and ground lamb (lamb should be practically cooked add chopped parsley (fresh only) add all spice (a pinch or two) not too much or it will overwhelm it

Then cook rice – should be fully cooked. Mix both the cooked lamb and rice together Stuff the grape leaves with the mixture and place folded leaves into a cooking dish (should be a couple inches deep) – it is ok to layer grape leaves

After all the grape leaves are in the dish – cover them with lemon juice and chicken broth

– the liquid should be about half way up the dish or less. Bake at 350/375 for 30 minutes or until the grape leaves are wilted a bit – be sure to watch and add extra chicken broth if needed or the grape leaves will dry out.


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